Mums the Word….

Mums the word

Fall is a kind of “Second Spring.”  It’s a great time to “re-color” your containers and flower beds. Zaino’s stocks hundreds of Mums in the widest variety of colors, shapes and sizes.  Homeowners love Mums because they are drought and disease-resistant and they stretch out the gardening season by months.


Yesterday was the best day to plant. But today is a close second. Mums that are planted in late August and early September will root and continue to grow late into fall.  The best planting sites have lots of sun and soil that drains.  The most common problem with Mums comes from planting them in soil that doesn’t drain.  It’s ok to plant them in big clumps or to space them out.  If you want to have them for next year, you should take “container Mums and plant them in the ground before the first hard frost.

Keep your Mums watered throughout the season. This is really important when you transplant them. You also should water them at the base.  If you water them over the top, you have a chance that the buds will turn brown

Fall mums, especially newly transplanted plants, should never be allowed to wilt. Check your Mums every other day for watering until you become familiar with their needs, particularly during dry spells. Be sure to thoroughly water your new transplants. Also make sure to water the base of the plant not over top (watering over top of the foliage will cause the new buds to turn brown)!