Garden Tip of the Week

January Tips

Zaino’s Nursery is all about staying warm this winter, so why not pick up some klin dried firewood. While you are here, please be sure to stock up on ice melt. When using ice melt, make sure the ice melt you use is safe for your concrete pavers, plants, grass, and most importantly, your children and pets.

Here at Zaino’s Nursery, we also have your winter needs covered including snow shovels, ice scrapers, snow brushes, and more. January is also about the birds. Wild birds need a constant supply of fresh seed, even through the winter months. This may invite different types of birds to your feeders than the ones you admire in the Spring and Summer. Feeding them high energy feed that is high in fat and protein is especially important during the winter months.

Last but not least, Zaino’s Nursery is also open for propane. Come in and we will fill your propane tank while you wait. We refill your tank and we do not exchange. Please check out our website for our specials

Thanks you and be safe,
Zaino’s Nursery